09 May 2016

Danish Art Deco Glasses, circa 1933 SOLD

2 large and 6 small glasses

flutted glass

When I bought these glasses I found a sticker underneath one of the 
tall glasses: 
'Joyce's honeymoon gift.  Bought in Copenhagen.  Danish 1933'

 A set of 2 large and  6 small Art Deco glasses.  Black glass bases and yellow glass strip design.
Other uses for these beautiful glasses is to use them as candle holders or as a vase to hold individual flowers.
tall glasses: height: 18cm    rim diameter: 8,5cm     small glasses: height:7,5cm   rim diameter: 4,5cm

Condition: view photos:
Code: 2.may16
Price: R250 for the set SOLD    contact/payment

6 small glasses - no chips or cracks.  the 7th one has a small chip but since
taking these photos I BROKE IT!

flutted glass

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