01 February 2016

Set of Danish 'Rosti' Bowls & Jug circa 1970-80 SOLD

A set of 3 orange Danish bowls and a 1 litre jug.
Designed by Erik Lehmann for Rosti, Denmark. Each bowl has a handle and spout. The bases have a rubber non slip ring.

1 litre jug:        height: 16cm          diameter: 10,5cm
1,5 litre bowl:   height: 12,5cm       diameter: 16,5cm
3 litre bowl:      height: 13cm          diameter: 21,5cm
4 litre bowl:      height: 13,5cm       diameter: 24cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 42.jan16

Price: R180 for the set contact/payment  SOLD

the small bowl has a scratch  internally
fine scratches in the base of the bowls due to use

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