11 November 2015

COOKWELL, OVEN PROOF, Oval Cast Iron Dishes, circa 1980

Oval dish no. 1  SOLD


Oval dish  no. 2  SOLD

marks on lid due to being stored upside down on dish

Two oval COOKWELL, OVEN PROOF Cast Iron Dishes,  circa 1980
Oval dish no. 1:  height: 10cm    width: 26cm      depth: 21,5cm   (smaller but deeper)
Oval dish no. 2:  height:   7cm    width: 30cm      depth: 24,5cm   (bigger but shallower)

Condition: view photos: clean and oiled.
Code:  dish no. 1: 27.oct15     dish no. 2: 28.oct15
Price: Oval Dish no. 1: R 270  SOLD      Oval Dish no. 2: R280  SOLD

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  1. Hi

    I am looking for a Cookwell pot appr. 24cm, preferably round.