19 June 2015

Fisher Price Bath Toy, circa 1970-80 SOLD

press the orange button and water then ejects  out the whale's
 mouth, the water then turns the dolphin circle

pour water into the top which then pours out the
spout into the half circle, moving it from left to right.
the water then pours out the lower spout and turns
the green wheel

Fisher Price Bath Toy,  circa 1970-80
My sister's children played with a  bath toy like this in the 1970's and then mine in the 1980's and they had hours of enjoyment!  This one is overall in very good condition for its age except that the 'suckers' have hardened a little due to age.  I suggest squeezing a little silicone on the suckers on the back and then attaching it to the side of the bath.  The toy will be 'temporarily permanent' until you remove it for a scrub/clean.
Dimensions: height: 23cm    width: 30,5cm     depth: 12cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 15.jun15
Price: R220   SOLD  contact/payment

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