20 January 2014

Retro Green Enamel Cast Iron Pots, circa 1960-70 SOLD

I love the green colour of these pots!  They are in good condition considering their age. The one pot has a little discoloration internally but the surface is smooth.   
pouring pot with one handle: height: 8cm (without lid)      diameter: 18,5cm    
pot with two handles: height:            8cm (without lid)      diameter: 21cm

Condition: view photos
Code: pot (one handle): no. 4.J4     pot (two handles):  no. 3.J4 
Price: pot with one handle: R 180     pot with two handles: R180    contact/payment
pouring pot 

the pot no longer has a covering on the tip of the handle

the discoloration in the photo looks darker than in reality
the surface of the base is smooth

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