17 December 2013

French Boules Pentanque Set.... circa 1960-70...SOLD

This is the first time I have come across a set of French Boules Pentanque set!  View this link to learn more about this game and how is played etc.

'What is Petanque (pronounced Pay-tonk) / Boules (pronounced Boolz) anyway?
Petanque is also known around the world as Boules (boule is ball in French, just as bocce is ball in Italian). It is an exciting game that was first played in France around 1907 and is quickly becoming very popular in America as it has done all over the world. It can be played outdoors by everyone no matter what their age or athletic ability.'

Dimensions of case: height: 17,5cm     width: 30cm   depth: 6cm

Condition: view photos
Price: R150  SOLD

carpet bowl on the left  and a boule on the right

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