15 October 2013

Retro Enamel Pot, circa 1970-80 SOLD

This Hinel (made in Finland) retro enamel pot is so colourful - typical of the 60/70s.  The glass lid is not the original lid for the pot.  The diameter of the lid is a little bigger than the pot but it does not slip off because of the ridges in the glass.  I don't think this is a problem because: 1. you can check  the food cooking without lifting the lid.  2. the two make a great retro set! 
Dimensions: pot: height: 11,5cm      diameter: 17cm         glass lid diameter: 18cm

Condition: view photos
Price: Pot: R130 SOLD      

base has no deep scratches or chips.  glass lid is made by Acoroc, France

the glass is a little milky due to age

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