25 September 2013

Retro Trays, circa 1960-70 ALL SOLD

These three turquoise trays are so colourful!   Due to their age and use over the years, the  trays have scuff marks, wear and tear etc.  I still think they are worth saving and will look great in someone's kitchen!  (Take a closer look at the photos below). They are made of  painted masonite  and the handles are wrapped in vinyl.  In fact, I found four but decided to keep one for myself.
Dimensions: width: 45cm     depth: 29,5cm

Condition: view photos
Price: tray 1: R65  SOLD    tray 2: R65  SOLD    tray 3: R65  SOLD
(Note: the items on the tray are NOT for sale.)

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  1. Are any of these still for sale? If so please can I have one? Kim Springorum