28 August 2013

Vintage Eezy Whip bowl, Tala cook's measure and cookie cutters, cake cooling racks


round sold


Baking items... take a look......
Eezy Whip bowl no. 2: height: 11cm   diameter: 25cm      rectangle cake rack:  width: 30cm             depth: 25,5cm    circle cake rack: diameter: 25cm     Tala cook measure: height: 14cm         diameter: 10,5cm     Tala cookie cutters: height: 4cm

Condition:  view photos
Price: Bowl: R160  SOLD          Cake rack: rectangle: R45 SOLD      round: R45  STILL AVAILABLE   Tala cook's cup: R50  SOLD       4 Tala cookie cutters: R50

no. 2 Eezy Whip mixing bowl - no chips or cracks

marks and fine surface craze due to use and age.  still in
good useable condition! 

metal cake racks positioned upside down to show little 'feet'

a substance spilt on a section of the measuring
cup removing paintwork. the measuring marks
needed are still visible

4 Tala cookie cutters

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