19 August 2013

Retro Wall Clock, circa 1970-80 SOLD

I love the simple design of this retro clock.  It is a promotional clock by the company 'National' which produced kitchen appliances, hi-fi equipment, etc. in the 1970-80s.  The rectangular backing is a dark 'timber look' melamine with a timber veneer backing and edges. (Melamine was a new and popular product in the 1970s!)  The numbers are plastic and the hands are made of metal.  The hands have been repainted at some stage. The clock mechanism is in a thick box so the clock stands proud of the wall giving an impression that it is floating.  It is in good working order and the time can be adjusted.  It operates with a battery.  I just love the ticking sound! This clock is bigger than it looks in the photos so please take note of the dimensions below.
Dimensions: height: 27cm    width: 37,5cm     depth: 6cm

Condition: good for its age - see photos
Price: R160  SOLD

there are a few tiny winy scuff marks on the edges which
do not show up in the photos

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