06 March 2013

Retro toys................. circa 1970-1980

Micky Mouse circa 1970

'Hello Kitty' jewellry/trinket box  circa 1980 - SOLD

baby music ball toy with teddy fairy  circa 1970-80

The above toys are in pretty good condition considering their age.  The kitty box and music ball do have a few marks and Mickey mouse's eye pupils have been drawn in with a black permanent marker. The toy ball makes a gentle sound like a wind chime when it rocks.
Dimensions:  hello kitty box:  height: 15cm   width:15cm    depth: 10,5cm     micky mouse: height not including ears: 26cm    baby music ball:  height: 20,5cm   diameter: 14cm

Condition: view photos
Price: hello kitty box: R145  SOLD    mickey mouse: R95     baby toy: R65

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