13 March 2013

A set of yellow Duralex pyrex bowls.....circa 1950-70 SOLD

 I think this set of four pyrex bowls is missing one bowl - the size after the big bowl. The Duralex bowls are made of clear glass and then baked with a yellow covering.  Two of the bowls have a tiny chip on the rim which are hardly noticeable.  A handy set of bowls to have in the kitchen!
Condition: view photos

Dimensions:  large bowl 1: height: 9cm   diameter: 23cm     bowl 2: height: 7,5cm  diameter: 17,5cm   bowl 3: height: 6cm   diameter: 14cm   bowl 4: height: 4,5cm     diameter: 12,5cm
Price:  R150 for set of 4 bowls SOLD

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