11 February 2013

Vintage 'Freezinhot' food flask...circa 1950-60...SOLD

During the 1950-60's this flask would be have been used to carry lunch to work. I can visualize a devoted housewife bidding her husband goodbye as he goes off to work holding his flask! There are three little aluminium storage 'dishes' which locked one above the other and the top one has a lid.   The internal flask is in excellent condition. The red top of the flask lid has a split but the remainder of the lid is intact so this will not affect the sealing of the flask.  It was manufactured by Gold Coin, Freezinhot Bottle Co. Ltd.  A vintage item which can still be used or displayed!
Dimensions: height: 26,5cm    diameter: 14cm

Condition: read above and view photos
Price: R220  SOLD

surface split on lid but it does not affect the sealing
of the flask

excellent condition of the internal flask

a little surface rust on the rim of the base

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