30 October 2012

Retro Coffee set......circa 1970-80....SOLD

A friend of mine came across this retro set and sent me a bb photo and message asking me if she should buy it for 'lulushop'.  My reply was yes!  A beautifully designed set -  the orange lids, the beautiful curves of the handles and lastly the rounded shape of the bases.  The orange lids definitely have the 'wow' factor which completes the set!  I don't think this set has ever been used. (Please see photos below).
coffee pot: height with lid:33cm  diameter of base:9cm   sugar bowl: height with lid: 15cm     diameter: 8,5cm   milk jug:  height: 11cm   diameter of base: 8cm
6 mugs:  height: 11cm     diameter of base: 8cm

Condition: good except for a small chip on the inside rim of the sugar bowl lid and small chip at the base of two of the mugs.  see photographs. 

Price: R200  SOLD

small chips on three items - at the base rim of two mugs and on
the internal rim of the sugar lid which can't be seen
when the lid is on the sugar bowl.

two mugs: small chip on the edge of the base.

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