20 August 2012

Retro Nuline liquidiser and grinder ..'Happiness Mixie'....SOLD

The only information I can find regarding this beautiful blue Nuline liquidizer/grinder is that it was manufactured in India. It has two liquidizer attachments (one plastic and the other stainless
steel) and a coffee/nut/spice grinder. I assume it has not been used too often because the body
and various parts are in good condition. It has a strong motor and all three attachments have been tested.  Definitely a statement piece for someone's kitchen!
Oh, I forgot to mention that there is also an extra blade for the plastic liquidiser.
Dimensions: width: 33cm   depth: 17cm  height including plastic liquidiser attachment: 45,5cm

Condition:  good  see photos
Price: R420

There is a surface crack on the plastic knob


  1. this is gorgeous! love love! I will see you bright and early at your open day :)

  2. Yay! Will be great to see you!

  3. Hi Mohamed, it is sold. Thanks for browsing through lulushop.