01 June 2012

Retro Addis kitchen cannisters circa 1970

In the 1970's these cannisters where extremely popular. They are strong, functional and very colourful! The lids seal tightly which is an important factor. These four cannisters have stood
the test of time and  have a few scratches to prove it.  The smaller yellow cannister does have
a chip on the rim of the base but I thought it was still worth keeping to make up this set.
Dimensions: large yellow: height: 16,5cm diameter: 13cm    large orange: height: 15,5cm       diameter: 11cm     small yellow: height: 12,5cm   diameter:9,5cm
small orange: height: 9,5cm   diameter: 8cm

Condition: see photos
Price: R75 for set of four.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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