07 May 2012

Glass vases....SOLD

SOLD    1. Glass vase circa 1950-60
Made in Czechoslovia
Dimensions: height 15cm  diameter 10,5cm

2. Pink depressed glass vase
Made in Poland
Dimensions: height 22,5cm  rim diameter 11cm

The Polish depressed pink glass vase has a triangular rim and a heavy base.  It is in excellent 
Price:  R180........... SOLD

The 1950-60's vase (made in Czechoslovia) has a simple design but is a handy vase to have as it is not too tall or too short. I love the detail of the base.
Price:  R110.........SOLD

2. Detail of triangular rim
Excellent condition

SOLD      1. Detail of base
A few tiny bubbles in glass and
 internal scratches due to use and age

1. Detail of flutted rim

1. View under the base
'Made in Czechoslovakia'

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