16 December 2011

Retro Ice Bucket SOLD


 At first I thought this ice bucket was art deco because of the design of the lid's knob and bakelite wood- look handle. But the bucket has a space for 2 batteries in the base and the aim of the batteries is to light a small globe which shines on a 3 colour plastic circle giving the plastic body a glow of colour! (See photos below). My conclusion is that the bucket was made in the 1950/60's.  The 'grooves' in the plastic were also popular during that period.  The chrome has a few scratches and has tarnished a little due to age but it is still in good enough condition to be used and admired!
Dimensions:  height: 27cm      diameter: 14cm
The four glasses with  images of vintage cars are from the 1970's which were very popular at that time. The gold paintwork around the rim of the glasses has  worn off but otherwise they are in good condition.
Dimensions: height: 8,5cm      diameter: 7,5cm
Condition: see photos

Price: ice bucket:  SOLD     set of 4 glasses SOLD

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