03 November 2011

Retro Waffle Maker SOLD

The first thing I noticed when I saw this German waffle maker was the beautiful retro design on its lid and then later its lovely shape. I estimate that it was manufactured in the 1970/80's.  The sides of the turning temperature gauge and the vent  have 'wear and tear' from frequent use but otherwise the machine is in good condition (see photos below). The plates are coated in plastic so if  'Spray and Cook' is applied the waffles do not stick. I decided to make a quick batch of waffles - 5 exactly - after supper last night to test it before placing it on my blog. They were very easy to make and were delicious! The photos speak for themselves.  As with all  used appliances I cannot guarantee how long it will last but I am sure you will enjoy making  many waffles to come!
Dimensions: width: 19cm  depth: 24cm  height: 8cm

Dunkel......dark (in colour)

Condition: see photos  
Price: SOLD

The left side of the vent cover  is damaged
and the  sides of turning  gauge
has 'wear and tear'.

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