17 August 2011

Cory Coffee Brewer, Rubber Bushing Model circa 1940

I was so fortunate to find this 1947-1948 Cory Coffee Brewer with all its parts and instructions! I love its design - take a closer look at the bakelite lid and the shape of the handle. It can be placed on an electric or gas plate but I would be cautious about the strength of the heat - start off  low and slowly increase. To view an advertisement of this model in Life magazine go to http://books.google.co.za/books and look at LIFE - 26 May 1947, page 14 and 15. This beautiful item needs to be displayed in a kitchen or a coffee shop for everyone to see! Another suggestion -  why not use it when having a tea/coffee 'party'?  Yes, it can also be used for brewing tea!
Dimensions: total height: 25,5cm    height of pot: 13cm    diameter: 13,5cm

Condition: Good

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