11 July 2011

Sprong Mincer, no. 601, circa 1950-60 SOLD

This is a wonderful piece of kitchenalia to display in your kitchen! It was manufactured by Spong & Co. Ltd., Woodville Grove, London N.15.  It has all its parts but is a little rusty.  Again, I am so tempted to place it on my kitchen shelf amongst my collection of kitchenalia!
Dimensions:  Height 17cm   Base diameter 10,5 cm   Width with handle 29cm.

Condition: See photos
Price: SOLD



  1. hello! have you tested to see if it still can crush through some tasty chickenbones? if yes, i am interested!!!!

  2. I haven't, as I thought it would be more a display item. I will try it out and let you know. Thanks