21 June 2011

Beryl Woods Ware and Grafton Sugar Bowl BOTH SOLD

Don't you think this Beryl Woods Ware jug and  large Grafton sugar bowl look beautiful together? The jug holds 4-5 cups. The sugar bowl was manufactured during 1935-1948. It must have been tucked in the back of someone's cupboard over the years because it is in good condition and has no crazing.  The bowl will be ideal for holding whipped cream.
Dimensions: jug: height: 12cm  diameter: 12cm   bowl: height: 8cm  diameter: 12,5cm

Condition: Both - good
Price:  Jug  SOLD         Bowl   SOLD


  1. Was this the jug you were talking about showing me? Love love love it..cant wait to see it tomorrow..

  2. No not this one. I will be posting the other jug soon...

  3. Hi Irene, where's the rest of the Beryl set? ;-)