24 May 2011

Tupperware Jifi Sifters, circa 1980 SOLD


If you are a baker, this item is a must in your kitchen! I enjoy baking yogurt cakes as they are quick to make. Once the cake has cooled, I sieve dry icing sugar over the top of the cake with my Jifi Sifter.  It is a wonderful little item as you can store the icing sugar in the container. When you need to use it, just take off the lid, turn it upside down and turn the little handle.......  It can also be used for sifting cornflour or flour but I must admit I have only ever used it for icing sugar.

Please note that the middle one is mine and only the other two are for sale!
Dimensions: height: 21,5cm  diameter: 7,5cm

Condition: Very good
Price:   Both SOLD                         


  1. We use ours for cinnamon sugar. Useful when baking and works a treat on the table when serving pancakes!