18 April 2011

Retro Side Tables, circa 1960-70 BOTH SOLD

Two '60's side tables with solid timber legs and timber veneer tops.  Due to their age, the veneer  in certain places, is slightly worn on the worktop edges. They have been sanded and sealed. If you wished to modernise them, paint the tops with a colour of your choice!
Dimensions: small square table:  width: 29,5cm  height: 32cm   rectangular table: width: 29,5cm  length: 45cm  height 32cm

Condition: good
Price:  small square table  rectangular table    BOTH SOLD


  1. Hi Irene - have only recently found your blog and I LOVE IT! Are you related to Blake?
    Would love to know if these tables are still for sale, if they are consider them sold! You can contact me at nicola@patontupper.co.za

  2. Hi,
    Yes, Blake is my older son - designed the logo etc. for me. Glad you like my blog...as I am still new at this! I planned to take them to the I Heart Market this Saturday... but no more as they are yours! I will email details etc