14 April 2011

Art Deco Jam Jar SOLD

A beautifully hand painted Art Deco (1920-1939) jam jar!  The jar is covered in a lovely delicate gold design, but unfortunately it is not totally visible in the photograph.  Another cute detail is the pink rose encased in the little plastic knob on the lid.  It was manufactured by Wade Ceramics, UK.
Dimensions:  height: 13cm   diameter: 10cm
Condition: Good despite its age.
Price: SOLD


  1. Irene this is gorgeous, I am tempted! Can't see in the pics but is the lid metal? Is it slightly tarnished?
    Sorry just wanted to check..
    so pretty!

  2. Hi Hayley,
    Due to age the lid has tarnished and the ceramic body has darkened. Again, the gold detail cannot be appreciated in the photos. The fact that it has aged from use is what appealed to me but still remains in good condition. I was tempted to keep it for myself!
    Maybe have a look it and then decide...

  3. Crumbs I am NOT supposed to be buying anything but it is so beautiful and old. Perhaps I should see it first? Shall i pop over next week or see it at the next iheart market? Loving the regular posts!

  4. Sure! Let me know what suits you. Thanks!