09 May 2016

Danish Art Deco Glasses, circa 1933

flutted glass

When I bought these glasses I found a sticker underneath one of the 
tall glasses: 
'Joyce's honeymoon gift.  Bought in Copenhagen.  Danish 1933'

 A set of 2 large and 7 small Art Deco glasses.  Black glass bases and yellow glass strip design.
Other uses for these beautiful glasses is to use them as candle holders or as a vase to hold individual flowers.
tall glasses: height: 18cm    rim diameter: 8,5cm     small glasses: height:7,5cm   rim diameter: 4,5cm

Condition: view photos:
Code: 2.may16
Price: R250 for the set     contact/payment

Retro Wall Plaque, Metal, Copper colour Deer. circa 1960-70

A retro timber wall plaque decorated with a metal copper coloured doe and her fawn.
Dimensions: height: 23,5cm    width: 19cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 12,mar16
Price: R130

Horses Ornament

A beautiful ornament of moving horses made from a ceramic mould which has been painted.
Dimensions: height: 18cm   width: 22cm    depth: 4,5cm

Condition: paintwork chipped and marked in places: view photos
Code: 1.may16
Price: R110   contact/payment

Staffordshire Soup Bowls/ Snack Dishes with handles, circa 1970

6 retro soup/snack bowls with handles. Dark olive green and mustard yellow design.  Made by Staffordshire Potteries Ltd., Ironstone. Made in England.
Dimensions: height: 10cm    diameter: 6,5cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 3.may16
Price: R130 for set of six   contact/payment

Still available:
Retro Soup Bowls and Saucers,  circa 1970

20 April 2016

Vintage Children Cards, 'Fairy Tale Families', (Grimms Fairy Tales) No. 285, circa 1950

A delightful set of cards for children. Beautiful artwork.  The card game is complete.  9 different Grimms fairy tales represented, each of which have 4 picture cards depicting the story.

The fairy tales include:
Red Riding Hood
Snow White
Hansel and Gretel
Sleeping Beauty
The Traveling Musicians
The Brave Little Tailor
The Hare and The Hedgehog
Hans In Luck

This set of cards do not have instructions but I managed to find the instructions (below) online.

Condition: view photos
Code: 7,apr16
Price: R120