21 June 2016

Vintage 'ATCO' Goose Neck Magnifier with Cast Iron Stand, circa 1940-60 SOLD

A vintage 'ATCO' goose neck magnifying glass with a cast iron  table stand. Made in USA.
Ideal to help with ones vision when reading, sewing etc.
Dimensions: height folded over as in top image : 29cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 4.jun16
Price: R250  SOLD   contact/payment

Ceramic Table Lamps (Paraffin or Citronella Oil)

tall black: 6.jun16,  yellow: 7.jun16,   black: 8.jun16

fuel is only stored in the top half of the base

3 handcrafted Ceramic (Paraffin or Citronella Oil) table lamps.
Dimensions: height:  black: 33,5cm    yellow: 31,5cm     black: 31,5cm

Condition: new, view photos
Code: tall black: 6.jun16,  yellow: 7.jun16,   black: 8.jun16

Price: Tall black lamp: R160     Yellow: R150    Short Black: R150

Vintage Round Tin Container, Made in Holland

A beautiful vintage round tin container with a colourful embossed pattern.  These tins are scarce so I was excited when I found this one!
Dimensions: height: 6cm   diameter: 21cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 3.jun16
Price: R130         contact/payment

Retro White 'Globe' Stand

When I came across this world globe I decided to buy it despite the poor condition of the map covering. My intention was to 'up cycle' it by removing the map covering so it can be used for other purposes. For e.g. display as is or to cover the globe with  guests' signatures to remember a special event!
Dimensions:  height: 37,5cm    width: 28cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 2.jun16
Price: R150

Salt & Pepper Shaker 'Bee Hive' Set, circa 1950-60

A salt & pepper shaker 'Bee Hive' set.
Dimensions: height: 8cm   width: 10cm    depth: 5cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 5.jun16
Price: R 120    Contact/Payment