21 July 2016

Retro 'Consol' Set of 6 Glasses and Jug, circa 1970

A 'Consol' Set of 6 glasses and jug.  The jug has a screw on plastic lid with a handle. Original box.
Dimensions: jug: height:          diameter:               glasses: height:               diameter

Condition: view photos, no chips or cracks
Code: 15.jul16
Price: R230  contact/payment

Retro German Vase, circa 1950

A beautiful 1950s yellow and black vase made in Limburg, Germany.
Dimensions: height: 7,5cm    width:22,5cm    depth: 8,5cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 13.jul16
Price: R110  contact/payment

Set of Travel Hangers in Bag, circa 1960-70

4 Fold up hangers in a Bag.   A handy set to have in your suitcase when doing a road trip.
Dimensions: bag: height: 22cm    width: 11cm     hanger: width: 39cm

Condition:  view photos
Code: 9.jul16
Price: R130  contact/payment

Retro Blue Vase, circa 1950-60

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A pale blue mid century vase. A lovely display item.
Dimensions: height: 7cm    width: 17cm     depth: 9cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 10.jul16
Price: R75  contact/payment

Pyrex Coffee Percolator, circa 1980

This Pyrex Coffee Percolator can also be used as a teapot! I was given one as a wedding present and we used it for over 20 years!
Dimensions: height: 15,5cm    diameter: 12,5cm

Condition: no chips or cracks, view photos
Code: 11.jul16
Price: R230  contact/payment