13 June 2018


Today I say a final farewell.

lulushop yesteryear redeemed will discontinue on 15th June 2018.

I wish to thank all my followers and viewers for your support over the years and for the friendships I have made.


23 February 2017

Retro 'Thomas' Espresso Set, circa 1960-70

A set of 4 'Thomas' espresso cups/saucers and a milk jug. Made in Germany.
cups:    height: 7cm       diameter: 6,5cm
jug:      height: 7cm       diameter: 6,5cm
saucer: diameter: 15,5cm

Condition: no chips or cracks, view photos:
Code: 11.feb17
Price: R180 for the set     contact/payments

Vintage French Wire Cooling Rack, circa 1940-50 SOLD

upside down

These vintage French wire cooling rack were used to cool pies or cakes.  I have two and this is the only other one I have ever found. A practical item for the kitchen and also a beautiful design.
Dimensions:  diameter:  29,5cm

Condition: no rust, view photos
Code: 12.feb17
Price: R95   SOLD     contact/payment 

16 February 2017

Timber Garden Benches

Timber (pressure treated pine) garden benches for sale.   Made to order.  They last for years and dry quickly after it has rained.  If the bench is positioned in a shady spot it will need to be cleaned once or twice a year. I know, because I have a few benches in my garden and they are 10-18 years old! See below.....

Timber Garden Benches made to order.
Dimensions: height: 77cm   width: 133cm    depth: 56cm

Condition: New
Price: R590 each  (made to order)   contact/payment

10 February 2017

Retro Metal Wall Plate, circa 1950-70

A beautiful metal wall plate.
Dimensions: diameter: 25,5cm

Condition: view photos
Code: 7.feb17
Price: R130